Ongoing PPC Optimization

We don’t rest just because your account has launched. Effective SEM account management requires a consistent and steady hand at the controls. The Strongpages team maintains an ongoing PPC optimization cycle, which includes adjustments ranging from the website and campaign level, all the way down to keyword and ad level tweaks. By taking these actions based on in-depth performance reports, we’ll help keep your account running in top condition for many years to come.

At the highest level, we periodically review your site for changes we can incorporate into your campaigns. When needed, we conduct landing page analyses, search result reviews, and competitor overviews.

Our PPC optimization cycle will keep your campaigns in top shape with campaign setting audits including budgets versus spend, network targeting, geographic targeting, language, ad rotation method, ad scheduling, and etc. Beyond campaign settings, we frequently segment out new ad groups based on evolving performance from various keyword themes.

Meanwhile, at the keyword level, we monitor search query reports and ensure good coverage with negative keywords and the correct match types on existing keywords to avoid overspending on low-quality searches, or terms showing lower CPCs when phrased differently. We also provide keyword list review and expansion when needed, and have spent countless hours meticulously reviewing keyword lists provided by automated tools and choosing only the most qualified terms.

Our ad adjustment cycle include ad copy and performance reviews, A/B ad split testing, and ad URL tag audits. Plus we love writing new ad copy based on proven techniques for increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) on ads. For Display campaigns, we review placement reports and exclude unqualified sites when needed. Ultimately, this is just a small sample of the work that we do on a regular basis for our clients, but it’s far more than what you will get from most agencies.

You need an effective SEM program. Let Strongpages help you take full advantage of all the tools available in the world of PPC optimization.