On-Site Optimization

Strongpages understands and emphasizes the importance of on-site optimization. Clean websites with strategically developed content win with users and search engines. We use a comprehensive content approach, which you can learn more about here, to create a full on-site plan that includes URL, metadata, and html optimization as well as navigation, resource, and landing page suggestions. We help you build a sound organic search foundation, so your website is continually optimized for performance and profitability.

One of the most important steps in on-site optimization is an in-depth analysis of duplicate web pages. Duplicate pages are often created accidentally, and serve little purpose except to confuse consumers and search engines alike. The worst thing about duplicate pages is that you’re missing the opportunity to tailor better content for particular topics focused on specific target groups. Your users aren’t all the same, so your content shouldn’t be either. We can help you find and eliminate any duplicate pages on your website, and replace them with unique, informative content targeted at selected demographics.

Keywords might not be as critical for organic search as they were a few years ago, but it’s still important to make sure your content contains phrases that people typically use to search for products or services in your industry. Strongpages SEO experts will review every page of your website to be certain you’ve got relevant, high search value keywords in your content. All of our new content is also fully keyword optimized.

Website rankings can and do change over time. That’s why Strongpages continually monitors a variety of organic search metrics and delivers custom reports to clients every week. We keep you updated on your website’s current status and automatically maintain historical statistics for comparison purposes. We use historical data and relevant industry information to predict event-driven, seasonal or holiday demand, keep your metadata relevant, and to help you develop new pages tailored to your product and customers.