Organic Impressions & CTRs: Making SEO Deterministic

In search engine optimization, excellent measurement is vital to your organization’s success. When planning any SEO project, it’s vital that you first determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Though there are many tools and procedures designed to help you improve SEO by defining your targeted keyword set, at best these tools provide only a rough estimate of potential traffic.

At Strongpages, we use data-driven analysis to create a detailed overview of your current and historical metrics. We track ranking data, links, referrals, and more, in order to provide insight into your current SEO strategy.

We’ll also help you forecast your potential traffic and results, so you know what to expect in future. We provide accurate predictions of search, site, and targeted keyword performance, in order to help you improve your search engine ranking and conversions, and create a road map for success.

You can rely on Strongpages to help you:

  • Assess keywords for competitiveness, and prioritize accordingly.
  • Forecast expected leads and sales, based on historical conversion data.
  • Estimate site traffic and conversion rates.
  • Improve click-through rates and organic search ranking.
  • Provide insight which helps you predict future trends and results.

Strongpages will carefully analyze your site’s metrics – we’ll review the historical data and statistics which represent your current impressions, clicks, organic CTR, SERP, and bounce rates – extrapolating the information you need into comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports which help your organization decide which options are best for strategically improving your ranking and conversions.

We provide frequent, data-driven reports, which track real metrics and provide the hard data and figures you need to assess:

  • Contribution of traffic from direct navigation, referral, and search.
  • Search engine referrals, by specific service.
  • Top-performing and trending keywords.
  • Conversion rates by specific search query or term.
  • Drilled-down page performance.

Strongpages takes pride in helping our clients develop strong, deterministic SEO strategy, designed to emphasize their strengths, while identifying and eliminating roadblocks to success.

For more information on how Strongpages uses hard metrics and data-driven analysis to design excellent SEO strategy, and help you improve your organic search results, site ranking, and conversion rates, contact us today.