Measure Content Performance

In today’s tech climate, an effective digital presence is critical – but staying on top of measuring content performance can be a real challenge. Luckily, we’ve come a long way from the days of measuring generic “hits” on a website – still, the tactics used to measure your traditional acquisition funnel may not translate effectively when measuring content performance.

At Strongpages, we use advanced web analytics, measurement tools, and digital marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. We also compile the hard data we collect into simple and transparent status updates and performance reports. We make it easy to understand your customer engagement and conversion rates, and present this information in a format which is accessible to any marketing professional.

Regardless of the format in which you deliver your communications, a great content development strategy requires that you define and outline effective KPIs to measure the impact of your organization’s content marketing initiatives.

Strongpages helps you accurately and effectively measure content performance by focusing on several KPIs. We help you define and measure your:

Reach. We measure your reach by tracking the number of unique visits to specific content within a defined period of time (typically a 30-day range), providing you an excellent baseline measurement for comparing content and viewing trends over time. We pay close attention to geographic data, so we can provide a more detailed picture of your target audience. We also analyze trends in content delivery, to help you optimize future content and design responsive communications which meet the needs of your particular audience.

Engagement. We review patterns of content interaction carefully, in order to produce communications which encourage audience interaction. We collect data such as bounce rates, “time spent” metrics, in-page analytics, and other indicators to determine whether or not your content is effectively engaging traffic, and driving conversions.

Views. Understanding the connection between unique views and page views is important – when a content page shows high numbers for both, it’s an excellent indicator that you’re providing content your audience relates to. We review both numbers, and compare and contrast results to drill down to the content topics your audience finds most useful. This helps us develop future content which more closely meets your target audience’s changing interests.

Sentiment. Your customers and clients are the best brand ambassadors, so the creation of multi-dimensional content which can be easily shared via social media outlets is essential. We help you identify, track, and measure trends in social sharing, so you can stay focused on audience sentiment, and ensure you’re creating incredible buzz.

Everyone knows that the ultimate indicator of success is the increase to your business’s bottom line. By developing an effective method for measuring content performance, you’ll find it easier to meet that goal (and, in far less time!). Strongpages can help you develop strong KPIs and objectively measure content performance, so you can hone your communications to increase impact and brand reach.

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