Additional SEM Services

The Strongpages Team provides a variety of specialized SEM-related services that go far beyond traditional paid or organic search focused marketing agencies. Rather than spending the entirety of our resources on the day-to-day minutia of search result optimization, the Strongpages team also devotes a significant chunk of energy to ensuring that we don’t lose track of the big picture when it comes to achieving your business goals. This means that we take a holistic approach to the entire user experience, from search all the way through to sale.

For an example of this philosophy at work, consider that it doesn’t make good business sense to develop high quality keyword lists and ad copy unless you’re also reviewing the landing page where the user will arrive after searching for your high quality keyword and clicking on your ad. By the same token, it is unreasonable to continue advertising a product or keyword unless the project is profitable. At Strongpages, we cover all of these considerations and more via personalized service, regular meetings, website and landing page analysis, lead value analysis, and custom reporting schedules.

You can learn more about these additional SEM Services here:

Your landing page – the first page a visitor sees after clicking your ad – is the single most important touch point for generating a lead. We can analyze your existing landing pages and provide recommendations for improvement, or assist in the design of new pages, all while finding a balance between landing page best practices and your desired messaging and design standards. We can then go beyond the analysis to help you with page development, A/B split testing and more. Learn More

It isn’t enough to simply track leads from various paid advertising sources. This data is useless until you do something with it! With an effective analytics program integrated with your PPC marketing efforts, you can calculate the value of leads from each source and compare the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across each marketing channel. Each Strongpages PPC manager is also an analytics expert, ready to assist you with tracking code installation, as well as troubleshooting problems with tracking and analytics, such as account linking, source link tagging, and code versioning. Learn More

Beyond the reporting capabilities built into each advertising platform, Strongpages offers custom reports developed to meet our individual client goals and needs. We typically include weekly and monthly metric tracking charts, as well as regular phone calls and activity write-ups. We also frequently put together custom one-off reports on specific topics, including ad copy split test results, and filtered campaign results. Learn More