Product Data Feeds

If you’re selling consumer goods on the internet, you need your products listed on the top online shopping networks, such as Google Shopping, ShopZilla and Amazon Product Ads (a.k.a, “shopping engines”). However, there are hundreds of these networks, each with unique requirements for the product data feeds, different optimization options, and varying ROI expectations. Choosing the right network and setting up the necessary feeds is a complicated chore, and requires a product feed expert to get it right.

Strongpages will advise you on the best shopping networks for your brand, help set up your product data feeds, and create any required links. Our product feed experts are intimately familiar with common problems that may come up during the setup, such as dealing with feeds that run up against file size limits and identifying missing product attributes, incorrect pricing, or other formatting issues within a feed.

Following the initial set-up, we’ll continue working to analyze and optimize your results. Strongpages can help you integrate the shopping experience into your existing online sales process, troubleshoot problems, and analyze the value of each product offered. With the right setup in place, it is possible to get ROI information for each product offered, and use this data to make intelligent judgments about which products to offer in the future, and which ones aren’t worth the investment.

Currently, Google’s shopping network leads the industry in most Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), driving the highest traffic and revenue among online shopping engines. Therefore, we focus on Google’s Merchant Center as the first priority for new clients, and move onto other networks from there.

You could greatly benefit from the experience of Strongpages product feed experts when managing campaigns in this relatively new market. Call us today to avoid the frustration of doing this yourself!