Display Network Advertising and Other Paid Sites

A comprehensive online paid advertising program means expanding your reach beyond simply advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. To remain competitive, modern brands are branching out to other sites and methods of advertising, including alternative Display Networks like AdBlade, AdRoll and Media.net; Sponsored Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; and countless other independent third-party advertising sites.

Each network, site and advertising method comes with its own potential benefits and pitfalls, and should be used with extreme care. Choosing the wrong network for your brand can mean spending thousands of dollars in just a few days with absolutely no return, even to the point of bankrupting some brands.

Seemingly minor options such as choosing between Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) models or setting the destination URLs on your ads can have significant consequences on how much you spend and on your ability to analyze which sources are contributing and which are wasting your money.

The ROI expectation of most display network advertising programs is very poor. Image and text ads are commonly served on a lot of arbitrary or irrelevant websites, sometimes utilizing black-hat techniques to cause ads to display multiple times and rack up additional impressions and advertiser spend. However, certain third-party advertising sites and display networks are extremely effective for specific industries, and modern display options such as Remarketing (a.k.a., “Retargeting”) and video advertising offer new ways to utilize display network advertising more effectively.

The Strongpages team will point you to the best network for your brand, and keep your ads away from unqualified and malicious placements to make sure you make cost effective decisions at every turn.

Meanwhile, the world of advertising on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn has also continued to grow ever more complex. The targeting on social networks is completely different than traditional paid search or display network advertising. Targeting is now a matter of choosing the right combination of business associations, demographic groups and/or specific companies, and then creating specific ads to respond to the needs of each group.

Social networks have also introduced several new options such as Sponsored Stories and Boosted Posts, all of which are good in certain circumstances, but not in others. Strongpages has experience with all of this, and can help you invest in smart ways, and then test and analyze your results.

Strongpages runs paid advertising accounts spanning all of these networks and we’re intimately familiar with the benefits and potential pitfalls involved with attempting to run on these sites. Get an audit of which networks you’re missing out on by contacting Strongpages today.