PPC Plan, Account Setup, and Restructure

Strongpages will setup paid advertising account all the way through from creation and billing to target selection and campaign upload. However, before we launch anything, we always begin with a discussion of your goals.

Once we’ve established a clear understanding of the things you’d like to accomplish with your advertising program, we develop our PPC plan. We run bid, keyword, demographic, and other reports using a variety of tools to provide foresight into the most appropriate targets and expected budgets. If a client has utilized paid search advertising in the past, we conduct a review of any existing or historical assets, and make recommendations based on what worked and what didn’t. These analyses help us finalize our PPC plan.

Based on this plan, we create a new PPC campaign structure for your account, splitting budgets into campaign “spend silos” based on client goals and the expected effectiveness of each target. We select the most appropriate ad targets (Keywords, Social Targets, Topics, Display Placement Sites, Retargeting Audiences, and etc.), and write new ad copy for each target group.

Strongpages then launches your new PPC campaign structure on the sites where you want your message to be heard. This includes search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask, as well as Social Media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. We help you finalize your billing and your ads will be up and running within a few hours.

The Strongpages team has built out thousands of new campaign in a variety of PPC campaign structures over the years, including everything from new account creation from the ground up, to improving performance in existing campaigns.