Paid Search Advertising

We are Google AdWords Certified, a Google Partner, and know and follow Google best practices.


If you have a site, service or product you wish to promote, there is simply no faster or more effective way to grow site traffic than paid search advertising. Increasing page rank via organic optimization can take months or years. Meanwhile, with Paid Search Advertising, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM), your message can be placed on the first page of Google and other search engine results the same day your account is switched on.

However, the process of creating and managing online advertising accounts has become increasingly complicated with each passing year. The market continues to grow more competitive and the cost of the average click continues to rise. To avoid wasting money in this confusing, complicated, competitive, and sometimes overwhelming environment, you need professional assistance.

If you want to dominate the first page of Google’s search results for your keywords, you need a holistic approach which includes organic optimization, content development, social media and paid advertising. In the context of this holistic approach, paid search is the fastest way to own the front page of the search results.

If you build a site and no one visits, does it make a sale?

Whether you’re new to paid search, or have an existing account that needs help. Strongpages will help you with paid advertising all the way from account creation and billing, through to target selection and campaign upload. We analyze your goals and historical performance and use this information to create our PPC plan. We then create a new campaign structure for your account, select the most appropriate ad targets (keywords, topics, placement sites, retargeting audiences, and etc.), and write new ad copy for each target group. Strongpages  launches your new campaigns on the sites like Google and Bing, and your ads will be up and running within a few hours of launch. Learn More.

We don’t rest just because your paid search account has launched. Effective paid search advertising requires a consistent and steady hand at the controls. You wouldn’t keep driving your car if you never checked the fluids or changed the belts regularly. By the same token, our team doesn’t just watch the dials for your account to overheat. We maintain an ongoing optimization cycle including adjustments ranging from the campaign level, all the way down to keyword and ad level tweaks. The result is an account that keeps humming along in top condition for many years to come. Let Strongpages help you take full advantage of all the tools available. Learn More

For clients running B2C campaigns, having a presence on shopping networks requiring product feeds (such as Google Shopping) is essential. We will help you set up your feed, link it to the shopping networks, integrate the feed with your existing online sales process, troubleshoot problems, and analyze the value of each product offered. You could greatly benefit from the experience of Strongpages’ paid search team when managing campaigns in this relatively new market. Learn More

The online paid advertising world is much larger than simply advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. To remain competitive, modern brands are branching out to other sites and methods of advertising, including various display networks, sponsored posts on social networks, and countless other independent third-party sites. Strongpages runs paid advertising accounts spanning all of these networks and we’re intimately familiar with the benefits and potential pitfalls involved with attempting to run on these sites. Learn More