Using Funnel Analysis to Increase Conversions

At Strongpages, funnel analysis is one of the ways in which we help you improve the flow of your client and customer experience, and increase your conversions.

What does funnel analysis mean?

A funnel is any well-defined path (or, flow) through your website. A funnel could incorporate the flow of user registration, lead generation, or the checkout procedure – really, any series of actions taken by a user to complete a process, or achieve a particular goal.

The first step in analysis is simply to identify where these funnels occur. Once you’ve worked with Strongpages to identify your funnels, we’ll help you review the flow of customers through your site or process, and help you determine which paths are optimized for an ideal customer experience, and where further improvement might be addressed.

How can funnel analysis help me improve my bottom line?

Throughout every stage of website interaction, you’ll lose some users. Even a site which offers registration or demands user conversion on the initial landing page will lose at least 50% of visitors immediately – regardless of whether or not those customers came to the site specifically to register or make a purchase.

By analyzing each touch point in your funnel, we’ll help you identify bottlenecks in your user flow, as well as determine points where significant drop-off is occurring. Those points can then be evaluated for correction or restructuring, in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase user retention.

You can rely on Strongpages to help you optimize user flow by:

  • Eliminating redundant or excess steps in the user process
  • Minimizing user entry of information
  • Reducing customer diversions, distractions, and “site leaks”
  • Testing page variations for improved user response
  • Streamlining overall customer interaction

Funnel analysis is a useful process for enhancing your customer experience. Through careful review, you can significantly improve your bottom line, by reducing the number of transactions lost due to faulty site structure, customer frustration, or cart abandonment.

For more information on how Strongpages uses funnel analysis to help you improve your user retention, contact us today.