Omni-Channel Analytics

The use of omni-channel analytics is drastically changing the face of online retail and driving improvements in the measurement of SEO and marketing strategy. Customers these days interact with brands in more ways than ever before, accessing your branded information from myriad devices, mobile apps, social media channels, and more. The digital universe is expanding, and omni-channel analytics provide an essential window of insight into consumer interaction, across multiple devices and channels.

Digital retail is fundamentally different than traditional brick-and-mortar business. In the past, a simple POS survey performed once daily could tell a retail business most of what it needed to know about the state of their business. These days, the process is far from simple – a comprehensive review of sales requires the incorporation of data from multiple channels, extensive cross-indexing, and accurate assessment via data discovery to analyze and compare information throughout the retail chain.

Today’s consumers might visit your webpage from a pc while researching a product, access a special promotion from their mobile device, and visit a store to make the purchase in-person – which means that advanced analytics are a must for identifying customer purchase patterns, assessing the impact of special offers, and tracking the availability of inventory.

The use of effective data analysis is essential for driving those discoveries which help optimize your customer’s retail experience. Omni-channel analytics allow you to accurately assess and review the impact of promotional offers, customer loyalty programs, and targeted marketing plans to both online and offline sales. They also help you identify and track the use of different mobile devices and browsing platforms, so you can focus your efforts on creating an optimal user experience.

Omni-channel analytics can also help you make sense of immense amounts of big data, integrating information from diverse systems, to provide a comprehensive overview of your business’s sales, marketing, and operational status. You’ll gain transparency and clarity which will help you improve your knowledge of your customer base, target communications, and perform comprehensive analysis and reporting which incorporates information regarding customer behavior and overall sales patterns.

Through the effective use of tools designed to provide omni-channel analytics, you’ll gain unprecedented insight into your business’s data. You’ll be able to rapidly assess, analyze, and view relevant data, and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

The use of omni-channel analytics is absolutely essential for any entity interested in accurately tracking and assessing customer and user behavior, for use in coordinating online and offline business. You’ll have access to more accurate visitor tracking, behavioral assessment of users, and cross-device strategic analysis, resulting in more relevant, improved data and reporting.

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