Analytics, Lead Tracking and Value Analysis

It isn’t enough to simply track leads from various channels. This data is useless until you do something with it!

With an effective analytics program integrated with your paid and organic search marketing efforts, you can calculate the value of leads from each source and use this data to compare the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across each channel. Taking this approach, you can determine the best way to set budgets and distribute a limited ad spend to the channels where it is most valuable.

Each Strongpages Account Manager is also an expert at effective analytics. Our team is ready to assist you with tracking code installation, as well as troubleshooting problems with tracking and analytics, such as account linking, source link tagging, and code versioning.

Strongpages will help you install and troubleshoot tracking codes from various analytics sites, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads conversion tracking, and analytics scripts from other sources such as LinkedIn and third party sites. We will then link your paid search advertising accounts to Google Analytics and ensure that URL tags are in place for correct source attribution. With these systems in place, we are able to analyze the value of your sales and leads, and provide insight into your ROAS and ROI for each channel.

We take this data further than you would expect from a paid search program. We’ve developed custom spreadsheets to compare the value of leads from each source, including paid and unpaid sources. This gives you the ability to compare the ROAS from your ads on paid networks to the ROI of your email marketing and social media programs.

If your money could be better invested on a different marketing channel other than paid, we want you to know about it. We aren’t afraid to recommend turning off paid networks, even if this action impacts our own bottom line, and have done this on more than one occasion.

Most agencies are content to milk your budget for all it’s worth, benefiting from high costs to their clients because they earn a percentage of every dollar spent. However, Strongpages is more interested in finding ways to help our clients become profitable, setting expectations appropriately, and forging long lasting relationships.

If you’re ready for more effective analytics, lead value analysis and an honest partner in a marketing agency, why not give us a call?