Landing Page Review

Your landing page is the single most important touch point for generating a lead. Many marketing studies have shown that potential customers make up their mind about a brand within seconds of a page loading. It is vital to create focused pages that match keyword topics and current ad copy in order to convert a visitor into a lead.

The Strongpages team has dedicated hundreds of hours to becoming experts at landing page review and redesign. We know how to develop landing pages that immediately respond to user needs, while also satisfying subtle design concerns and staying within your desired messaging.

We can analyze your existing landing pages and provide recommendations for improvement, or assist you in the design and development of new pages, all while finding a balance between landing page best practices and your desired messaging and design standards. With these pages in hand, we will help you A/B split test them to ensure that new visitors have a high quality experience every time they click through an ad.

Strongpages Landing Page Reviews are customized based on your needs, account size, and how many pages are being reviewed. At the highest level, we offer a Landing Page Review Checklist, which breaks down landing page elements and scores your pages based on their adherence to best practices.

To take specific pages a step further, we provide combination graphic and text based reports, calling out design elements that could be improved. In cases where our clients don’t have internal design terms, we’re able to provide full graphic mock-ups of improved designs.

If you don’t have the resources to develop landing pages in house, you can also hire our team to create your landing pages directly, thus ensuring that the deployment is taken care of correctly the first time. After helping you develop landing pages, Strongpages follows through on our recommendations with testing of functionality and lead generation forms, as well as assisting you with A/B split tests.

Do you want to know how to make your pages more responsive to new customers? Contact Strongpages!