Custom SEM Reporting

Each analytics site, PPC advertising platform, and SEO analysis tool has its own native reporting capabilities built in. However, these reports come in many different formats, often with varying table headings and unique metrics, or different names for the same metrics between platforms. Further, the data in these reports don’t always match reported results from third-party analytics platforms, and this data must be broken down, compared and analyzed to understand why these discrepancies exist.

Accumulating these reports, standardizing their format and sifting through the data to extract meaningful information is a challenging and time consuming process. Strongpages streamlines this process with our custom SEM reports, freeing you to focus on more important business concerns.

Every member of the Strongpages team is an expert at developing SEM performance reports to meet our individual client needs. We start by identifying which available metrics represent your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ensure that these numbers are up front every week. The Strongpages custom SEM reporting process typically includes weekly and monthly tracking charts for these KPIs, and also covers interesting results that arise from week to week.

Beyond data reports, we conduct regularly scheduled calls with you based on your availability and desired level of involvement. Our reports and calls are typically accompanied with text based write-ups of SEM performance and our ongoing activity. When needed, these valuable reports can be compiled into running activity diaries for future historical account review.

In addition to scheduled reporting, Strongpages also frequently puts together one-off SEM performance reports on specific topics, including custom analytics reports, ad copy split test results, and filtered/compiled results for specific keywords, demographics or product groupings. We’re experienced at determining the most effective way to display information and convey it to clients in useful and digestible formats.

At Strongpages, we understand that everyone has different requirements for paid search reporting and different questions they’re trying to answer, and we are dogmatic about meeting your needs. Contact us now to discuss your KPIs and see an example of a typical Strongpages SEM performance report.