The name of the game is visibility and, whether you’re a small business or a massive enterprise, everyone is competing for the same top spot on search networks. The higher in the search results your webpages show, the more likely they are to receive clicks and traffic. There is a multitude of strategies in how to optimize your site and webpages to shoot up in the rankings. But few can perform with the speed and precision of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here are 5 reasons you need to start integrating PPC into your digital strategy today:

  • Gets you on the front page

Pages that show at the top position of the search results get the most, if not all, of the clicks. This can make the top position for popular search words highly competitive, taken by the largest brands.

Investing in PPC with Google Adwords or Bing Ads can move your pages to the top of the search listings. Small and medium-sized businesses will find PPC especially beneficial as it enables their brand to compete against large businesses with a stranglehold on specific keywords.

  • Trackable results

An age-old question that has been asked since the early days of advertising is, “how do we know if it’s working?”. A unique advantage that PPC has over other methods of advertising is the ability to directly attribute results to a campaign goal. Whether it’s selling a product, boosting subscriptions, gaining sales contacts, or remarketing, the returns on your investment are a direct reflection of your campaign’s targeting.

  • You only pay for the clicks

After all, it’s in the name. Unlike other advertising strategies, the returns are promised with the investment. Traditional advertising strategies sells you exposure, which can be challenging to quantify into leads. In some instances, the return on your investment won’t bear fruit until after going through an extensive sales funnel – further blurring attribution.

Most PPC platforms allow you to cap your budget and set parameters like times and dates shown for the most control over your investment.

  • You bring traffic to specific pages

An advantage to that PPC has over other forms of advertising is the ability to bring specified pages to the top of search. SEO and traditional marketing may bring traffic to your site, but their shopping journey will depend entirely on whichever entrance page they found. By targeting specific keywords, user demographic, and specifying a landing page, you have greater control over the quality of their shopping journey.

  • Show ads to niche targets

Looking to target a specific target, location, type of device, time of day? Most PPC platforms have highly granular targeting options that allow you to focus your ad on incredibly niche targets. For example, if you’re advertising a local sandwich shop and want to target a business building between noon and three, PPC allows you to do just that with geotargeting and an ad schedule.

Where other strategies can take months see results, PPC is unique in bringing results fast for an even faster return on investment. Whether it’s bringing more attention to a crucial part of your site or reeling in leads for the sales team, PPC can accommodate a multitude of strategies that help you reach your digital goals.


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