computer and phoneBusinesses today are competing in a digital market where customers have access quick access to company information. In fact, recent surveys by Pew Research Center show that 81% of American adults use the internet to inform themselves about a product or service before purchase. With the internet playing an increasing role in influencing purchase decisions, B2B companies should utilize SEO strategies to generate the web traffic that they need.

This article will look at three practical SEO strategies you should take to optimize your web traffic:

  1. Analyze Your Web Traffic
  2. Developing Authority Through Content Strategy
  3. Create Inbound Links

Utilizing these three strategies will give you deeper insight on where to optimize your website to reach a higher search ranking.

Analyze Your Web Traffic

Digital marketers have access to a myriad of analytics tools to help them measure and understand their web traffic. Tools like Google Analytics will allow you to view entrance points and pageviews to give you a better understanding of who is accessing your website and what information they are searching for.

The design of your website can also have a major impact on the type of traffic that you’re attracting. For example, if you’re selling an ERP software that is specialized to the needs of mid-market distribution companies, you will want to your content to reflect authority to the COO. This can be done by publishing content focused on the concerns of the COO, such as adding efficiency to order-to-fulfillment processes, automating core business operations, and illustrating order tracking metrics.

If your website has a lot of movement but low conversions, then you may want to evaluate how well your content communicates to your audience.

Developing Authority Through Content Strategy

Generating strategic content is the best way to encourage visitors to convert. After understanding of your web traffic, you should consider how your website engages in topics using keywords. The more authoritative you are on key subjects, the more favorable your website will be to search engines.  

There are plenty of content options to consider when developing your content strategy, such as blogs, whitepapers, research reports, webinars, videos, and case studies. Each type of content serves a unique purpose that will not only help you compete in search rankings; they offer a specific format that will help inform your audience about your product or service.

Referring back to our previous example about ERP software, COOs will approach a website with a different set of expectations and needs from other visitors like a warehouse manager. The COO is more than likely already convinced of how an ERP software will help them reach their business goals. What they are interested in is seeing on your website is whether or not your specific brand is the best ERP software for them. You will want to have plenty of case studies and reports on how your software has helped previous clients meet their goals, conditioning them for the end-cycle of a sale.

Create Inbound Links

It’s not enough to create content, you will also need to promote inbound links to your website to stimulate your web traffic. Depending on your industry this can be done through a combination of promotional methods, such as email marketing, interacting on industry forums, engaging audiences in social media, and maintaining conversational blogs that encourage visitor comments.

Generating effective inbound links can be challenging and requires a lot of effort. Overall, the quality of your inbound links are directly related to the quality of your content. In B2B, you will want to promote links with rich content that addresses a specific need.

These three SEO strategies will give you a greater understanding of how your website engages with your market. By creating and promoting high-quality content that is focused around the needs of your audience, you are improving your opportunities for conversion and search engine placement.
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